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    Excellent. As always this law firm is dedicated to be there every step of the way for you.

    - Alyssa W.

    None better if you're in trouble.

    - James D.

    When I say this firm has treated my WHOLE family like we are a part of their family is a understatement.

    - Ray G.

    Just wanted to thank you Billy Coyle because of you I got my Driver's license back with no restrictions no interlock device required and my reinstatement fee went from $2900 to $905 couldn't have done it without you thanks

    - Steven S.

    “As someone who had a family member wrongfully charged of a crime that wasn’t committed, John Coyle III and his team provided EXCEPTIONAL service. From the first call, to the last. If you are ever faced with a circumstance that landed you on the wrong side of the law, I would definitely hire Coyle Law Firm and his associates, especially Amber. She’s a wonderful attorney as well. John’s paralegal is by far, hands down, the BEST and she’s one of the kindest, hard working women I know. Jean, thank you a million for all of your help! ❤️ Will always recommend them to any constituents in need. Much appreciation from M and I!”

    - Sabrina Daniels

    A friendly down to earth law firm. The Coyle law firm is a knowledgeable staff of lawyer's who know what it takes to solve your legal issues large and small.

    - Roy M.

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Following your arrest, it is imperative that you choose your legal representation wisely. At Coyle Law Firm, we are ready to apply our skills and dedication to protect your rights and freedom. Our attorneys are committed to helping you obtain the most favorable outcomes. If you have been charged with a crime in Oklahoma City, your legal situation is critical. As such, you need a strong advocate who has the experience and passion necessary to fight for your freedom and future.

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We focus solely on criminal defense, allowing us to stay sharp and attentive to your case without the distractions of handling unrelated matters like other firms do. Our hard work ethic stems from our calculated approach to handling criminal cases: We are thoughtful and strategic in measuring the risks associated with every legal defense option available, so you can rest assured knowing our lawyers are doing everything it takes to champion your best interests.

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Your Freedom & Livelihood Require the Utmost Attention

Our attorneys utilize a client-based approach because your future is at the center of everything we do. As such, we can help you navigate the complex legal system and aggressively defend your rights with full force and skill. At Coyle Law Firm, we take your criminal accusations seriously and will champion your best interests as a result.

We boast a proven track record for countless “not guilty” verdicts that earned us high recognition and regard within the legal community and from past clients. Our case results prove it.

  • Driver License Restored

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Time is precious. Once you are aware of your criminal charge, you must act quickly and hire Coyle Law Firm to represent you. If you wait too long, the prosecution will have more time to strategize their attacks against you, which is the last thing you need. Thus, you should turn to our criminal defense lawyers to protect your rights at all costs. We obtain 70+ years of combined legal experience, therefore we’ve seen which defense strategies work, and which don’t. As a result, we can leverage that experience to benefit your case and better prevent you from suffering a criminal record, prison and fines.

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