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Federal criminal charges result from a violation of US federal laws. As such, the federal government does not treat criminal activity lightly and will do everything in its power to isolate you from the public and put you behind bars. If a crime breaks federal laws, violates the US Constitution, or occurs over state lines, you may be looking at severe federal charges, and must retain our lawyer as early as possible.

Since federal criminal charges are prosecuted by the federal government, they are typically preceded by years of case building and evidence gathering. Crimes that are committed on a federal level are often prosecuted by the FBI, IRS, Secret Service, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and other federal agencies. Thus, as soon as you’re aware that an investigation is made against you, hire our defense attorney to protect your rights from start to finish. You may not know whether investigators are violating the law during the process, so it’s important to be prepared and allow us to safeguard your rights.

Coyle Law Firm provides federal criminal defense for Oklahoma City clients and obtains 70+ years of combined legal experience. Since opening in 1974, we have built a strong reputation for skillful, effective defense. If you turn to us, we will work closely with you to develop a defense strategy aimed at protecting your rights, preserving the presumption of your innocence until proven guilty, and helping mitigate the damage caused by any negative outcomes.

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What Is a Federal Crime?

Some crimes that might otherwise be state crimes — such as sexual assault or murder — become federal crimes when they are committed on federal land or when the perpetrator crosses state lines in connection with the crimes. Other crimes are classified as federal crimes based on the severity of the allegations — such as drug trafficking involving large quantities of controlled substances.

Most attorneys try to resolve cases as quickly as possible, but the attorneys at Coyle Law Firm aim to resolve your matters utilizing a thorough, client-based approach. We will dedicate the time and resources needed to achieve a “not guilty” verdict.

Some areas of criminal activity are always federal by their nature, such as international money laundering and immigration-related crimes. The FBI listed examples of federal crimes they investigate including, but not limited to:

  • antiracketeering
  • bank burglary
  • conspiracy
  • espionage
  • extortion
  • fraud against the government
  • illegal gambling business
  • impersonation
  • interception of communications
  • interstate crimes
  • perjury
  • security matters
  • sexual exploitation of children
  • assassination kidnapping or assaulting a federal government figure (ex: President, member of Congress, Supreme Court Justice, etc.)

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Federal judges are often stricter than judges at the state level by issuing harsh sentences without any chance of parole. As such, it is wise to have lawyers who focus on federal defense and take the time to fight for a favorable outcome even if it means enduring a time-consuming trial.

We represent clients facing grand jury investigations and serious felony charges related to white collar crimes, complex crimes, capital murder cases, drug trafficking, DUI/DWI cases on federal land, sex crimes crossing state borders, and securities fraud. Our attorneys practice criminal trial and appellate law in all Oklahoma state and federal courts throughout the nation.

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